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The consultation

Nothing is more stable than change
- Heraclitus

Who I treat

Clinical cases covered by my medical specialization

  • overweight
  • obesity

  • childhood obesity
  • adolescent obesity

  • underweight
  • bulimia: purgative or otherwise
  • post menopausal weight gain
  • pregnancy nutrition/breastfeeding

  • andropause sarcopenia (abdominal adiposity in normal weight male)
  • trochanteric panniculitis: cellulite
  • lumbago and loading symptoms
  • sleep apnea
  • dysmetabolisms

  • diabetes-dyslipidaemias: cholesterol
and/or triglycerides
  • increase of acid uric: gout
  • hypertension

  • renal insufficiency: creatinine less than 3

  • food intolerances

  • celiac disease

  • vegan diet

How to reach the weight (or blood sugar level, cholesterol) we want, and maintain it without difficulty.
Food nourishes us, it is our friend and ally.


Study of the symptom

(overweight, underweight, blood sugar, lumbago etc.)

Anamnesis: history of symptoms

Remote pathological anamnesis: past illnesses and operations

Recent pathological anamnesis: present illnesses and pharmacological therapy

Nutritional anamnesis: daily eating habits: meals, snacks, where, who I eat with etc.

Consultation: aimed at the symptom

I ask for medical tests only in case the patient doesn't have any recent ones, and only if necessary.

The first consultation is important to prepare the patient's correct clinical medical and nutritional profile.

What to bring with you
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From the consultation to the clinical chart


Evaluation of the patient’s medical history and proposition of a suitable treatment
Personal follow-up consultation on nutrition, including the study of the cognitive keys
Clinical nutritional chart

Duration of the medical consultation
Every visit requires 30 - 45’
Delivery and explanation of the nutritional chart 30 - 45’

Frequency of appointments
It is established during the first consultation, it depends on the patient’s medical history. The frequency will then be adjusted over time: from one consultation a week, to one a month.

To book a consultation and/or more information text your name, surname and reason (I will call you personally after) or call.