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of the synaptic self
- LeDoux

About me

I am Paola Buoso, medical doctor specialised in food science: clinical nutrition.
I work exclusively from my private studio in Vicenza.
I help my patients on their journey from being what they eat, to eating what they are: this is the re-synchronisation of the synaptic self.

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I am not

I am a doctor, I use a scientifically proven approach. I am not a dietician, nor a dietologist, or a nutritionist: these titles do not require medical training..
I am not a biologist specialized in food science. I am not a scientific quack, meaning I don't speak about what I don't know, just because I eat.
I don't offer quick solutions or illusions.

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How to reach the weight we desire maintaining it with ease.

Cognitive keys
Eating well everyday, food that we like and enjoy

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